Bolivia Mission Trip- "work site"


Description:Bolivia Mission Trip- "work site" 2011

Bolivia mission Trip-" Upper Room Church"


Description:This is the church that we sent money to build 7 years ago! Look how alive it is! 2011

Bolivia Mission Trip- "Overview"


Description:Over the past several years we have invested in church planting in the nation of Bolivia. Once again we have the had the opportunity to give toward the construction of a church building for a new church plant and pastor in an unreached area of Bolivia! This church building (seen above) will give this new church the opportunity to expand it's ministry, growth numerically and will be a hub to plant more churches in the region of Bolivia. We will be working with Missionary Steve Potutschning for this projec

Bolivia Mission Trip- "Harvesting wood"

Description:Harvesting wood in the Amazon Jungle to build the FIRST CHURCH in this part of the Jungle! 2011